SASQ's Four Strategic PIllars

SASQ’s Four Strategic PIllars

The 4 Strategic Pillars

  1. Accelerate Growth in Membership
  2. Advance Professional Development
  3. Offer Certification and Recognition
  4. Inspire Quality


 Strategic Theme 1: Accelerate Growth in Membership

Aim: Grow membership from 110 to 5000

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop Membership Database
  • Design and Develop Online Marketing
  • Design and Develop Online Selling
  • Design and Develop Member Recruitment Process
  • Develop Event Hosting and Management Competency
  • Design and Develop Member Registration Process
  • Compile Growth Finance and Expense Budgets

Initiative or Programmes

  1. Online Advertising
  2. Membership Applications
  3. Company and Institutional Membership
  4. Website Store
  5. Breakfast Sessions

Actor:  Mr. Abner Manaka


Strategic Theme 2: Advance Professional Development

Aim:  Provide CPD to all members by increasing CPD points issued from 500 to 35 000.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop CPD Knowledge Information Management Centre
  • Identify and Appoint CPD Knowledge Based Experts and Providers
  • Design and Develop CPD Knowledge Creation Process
  • Develop CPD Policy
  • Identify and Appoint Accredited CPD Providers
  • Identify and Appoint required CPD Administrative Personnel
  • Develop CPD Event Hosting and Management Skills
  • Compile CPD Finance and Expense Budgets


Initiatives or Programmes

  1. Knowledge Center
  2. CPDs
  3. National Conferences
  4. Workshops

Actor:  Ms. Ann Naicker


Strategic Theme 3: Offer Certification and Recognition

Aim: Provide Recognition and Certification to Individual Professionals in Quality by increasing certificates issued from 10 to 500.

Strategic Objectives

  • Design and Develop Certificate Application Process
  • Design and Develop Certificate Registration Process
  • Design and Develop Certificate Evaluation Process
  • Design and Develop Certificate Certification Process
  • Design and Develop Certificate Billing Process
  • Identify and Appoint Approved Certificate Training Providers
  • Identify and Appoint Accredited Certificate Evaluators
  • Identify and Appoint required Certificate Administrative Personnel
  • Compile Certificate Finance and Expense Budgets

Initiatives or Programmes

  1. Assessments
  2. Recognition and Awards Ceremonies

Actor:  Prof Roy Ramphal


Strategic Theme 4: Inspiring Quality

Aim: Inspire Quality in All Stakeholders by establishing a Regional Chapter Footprint in Africa.

Strategic Objectives

Develop required ITC Infrastructure

  • Expand African Knowledge Base
  • Develop required Governance Policy and Structure
  • Develop required Language Proficiency
  • Build required Strategic Alliances
  • Compile Finance and Expense Budgets
  • Conduct Cross-Border Risk Assessment

Initiative or Programmes

  1. Marketing
  2. Social Investment
  3. Bursary / Research Fund

Actor:  Mr. Motimedi Ndala