SASQ CPD Providers Forum

Download manual CPD application and brochure or use our online application form below

The Southern African Society for Quality is a professional body for the development and registration of Quality Practitioners and invites training providers in various disciplines to be considered as approved SASQ providers of continual professional development to quality practitioners. Some of the disciplines include, Quality, Management, Research, Mentoring, Coaching, Time management, Auditing, Report writing etc.

SASQ CPD providers will enjoy the  use of the SASQ Logo as endorsement of the training content and assessments, marketing via the SASQ website and other SASQ communication channels , SASQ CPD certificates to trained delegates, assistance for development of skills of training personnel, and provide information from the organisations on training requirements and required unit standards.

SASQ also works in collaboration with the Services Seta and will engage in terms of fast tracking SETA accreditation and training of quality assessors and moderators for your organisation.

The key agenda items will include a presentation of the work of SASQ and its development plan, a presentation on the support from Services Seta, A presentation on the CPD forum and formation of a working committee to develop standards for CPD providers and address challenges facing CPD providers.

You can still be part of the forum even though you may not be able to attend. Entry is by invitation only and you will need to complete the attached form to be considered for an invitation, as well as to facilitate catering arrangements.

 CPD Provider’s Online application form:

Names of representatives

List of training courses to be considered that have unit standards

List of training courses to be considered that do not have unit standards

Geographical Areas where training is offered