SASQ's Four Strategic PIllars

SASQ’s Four Strategic PIllars

SASQ Purpose and Scope of Operations

SASQ is the only Southern African professional organisation for the registration, grading and continual professional development of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and SHEQ practitioners. The purpose of SASQ is summarised below.


SASQ’s Main Objectives

The objectives of the Society shall be to:

  • Stimulate Quality (quality, health and safety, environmental and SHEQ) awareness and knowledge for the benefit of Quality and productivity in industry and commerce.
  • Promote the theory and practices of the Quality practices through recognised training, education and certification
  • Provide development, a grading mechanism and registration for quality, health and safety, environmental and SHEQ practitioners and professionals
  • Provide guidance for curriculum development of associated course material at related training and academic institutions


Main Business

The main business of the Society shall be to:

  • Provide a development and registration organisation, which shall be recognised as representing the associated profession throughout Southern Africa
  • Liaise with business and other professional bodies and education institutes, both local and overseas and also government departments, on matters relating to quality and to be seen and accepted as the authoritative voice for the quality profession in Southern Africa
  • Recognise and reward exceptional service to the Society and the profession
  • Do such other activities as are necessary to accomplish the main objective



  • The Society will promote quality awareness and quality general and technical knowledge to all interested parties on the African Continent for the greater good of the people
  • The society will facilitate the exchange of opinions and views on quality and to inform and promote the knowledge of quality to its members
  • The society will obtain relevant information relating to quality and to disseminate such information amongst the public and the Society by means of journals, circulars, publications, lectures, seminars, conferences or otherwise
  • The society will obtain relevant information relating to quality and to disseminate such information amongst the public and the Society by means of journals, circulars, publications, lectures, seminars, conferences or otherwise
  • The society will offer SASQ grades and development guidelines (CPD) to registered Quality Professionals towards their effectiveness for organizational excellence
  • The Society will assist SASQ recognised Education and Training providers in curriculum needs with respect to quality
  • The Society will collaborate with other National and International Organisations that have similar goals and objectives to capitalize on Synergistic benefits
  • The Society will collaborate with employers as partners for advice, funding, sponsorships, and bulk membership
  • The Society will recognise those individuals, groups and employers who have made substantial contribution to the field of quality


SASQ Direction Statements

In order to provide focus on strategic direction, a revised vision (which gives a clear indication of where it strives to be), a revised mission (its reason for being) as well as core values were established for SASQ.



 “Our vision is that all people in Africa will be part of the SASQ Quality Community”.



The following important elements of the mission were identified:

Identity: Society for the promotion of quality knowledge

Target clients:  All individual and collective parties

Service delivery: Quality promotion, collaboration and dissemination                                                              

Professional Development

Recognition and Certification

 Geographic domain: South Africa, SADC and Africa

Commitment to values: Excellence


Mission Statement

SASQ is committed to promoting, sharing, generating and communicating relevant quality general and technical information to all members of the society so as to improve their quality of life and/or enhancing their effectiveness in the work place.


Core Values

The core values of SASQ are made memorable through the use the acronym, PRICE.

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence



The Board has a key role in championing the cause and being an important mouthpiece of the organization and will signal its strategic intent by using the following slogan or motto:

Be Inspired with Quality


SASQ Strategic Direction

Strategic themes are the main, high-level business strategic imperatives that form the basis for the organisation’s business model for the future.

A situational analysis and subsequent Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was undertaken to identify and define the major strategic themes for SASQ.  This entailed a strategic enquiry with an appreciative intent (employing the use of a SOAR as opposed to a SWOT framework).

This approach liberates SASQ to focus on what really matters: the future of its members and the organisation.